Business and Product Launch

Business and Product Launches require great Strategy and this strategy tells us what tools you will use to execute this strategy. Far too many professionals try to sell you their Tactical services and of course there are many valuable tools that are used to successfully execute a strategy for business and product launches. You would not build a house until you found an architect to take your vision and turn it into a reality. So how do we work together?


The Process


A good way to describe the process is making the comparison to building a home. You have a vision of what you want and seek out an architect. The architect takes your vision and creates a series of renderings, pictures of what your vision may be. Once you approve of the rendering, the architect creates a blueprint that transforms your vision into a working document. The blueprint is then used by various contractors to take your vision and create a home.


We take the vision of what you want to achieve create a blueprint for launching your business . Once you approve of the “blueprint” we work together with you to execute your vision.


Hourly Clients


I provide a free 1 hour consultation for clients, either telephone, video conferencing or in person. This consultation helps you see how we work together. Upon your approval, create a plan to work together balancing your budgetary requirements with your business needs. We charge at a rate of $125.00/hour and your first hour session is credited to the remaining program cost.


Coaching Clients


A coaching relationship has a monthly time commitment for you to achieve your business goals. This begins with a minimum commitment of 10 hours usually in 2 hour sessions. Our experience has shown that 2 hours is the best time frame per session. We charge at a rate of $85.00/hour and your first 2 hour session is credited to the remaining program cost.


Retainer Clients


For businesses with more complex and longer term needs, we work as your partner with a different approach in working together. I will work with you from 4 to 8 hours taking a deeper dive into your core concerns. This working session allows us to begin our business launch process with no obligation on your part to proceed further.
What We Don't Do

We can help you prepare to Raise Capital through compelling marketing strategy that will wow investors but we do not provide services to match investors with entrepreneurs since this is a narrow specialty field that we leave up to those who do it best.

Upon your approval, we develop a plan that addresses your time frame, budget and business needs. Most food entrepreneurs see the value immediately and are anxious to work together on a mutually agreeable schedule. Our rate is negotiable based on the length of time.
I look forward to helping you launch your business and products.