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Family Business Transition Planning

You know family businesses are different. The question is why? We all know family businesses are unique and have their own set of challenges. But why is this?

I have worked in my family business, Celentano, for over 25 years and now I help family businesses and teach undergraduate and graduate levels of Family Business Management at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Family businesses in all industries are in need of successfully overcoming the ever present competing forces of family, business and ownership and executing sustainable business strategies that serve the current and future generations well. Read How We Work Together in creating a Family Business Transition Plan for you and your family.

This 5 minute video, Why Family Business is Different presents top level view Family Business Transition Planning and the key factors that impact a family business that are very different from their non family counterparts.

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I  work with a wide range of Family Businesses and Closely Held private businesses. As a Family Business expert, I mentor and coach Family Businesses in New Jersey on a wide range of topics. Succession Planning must deal with the Family’s Human, Intellectual and Financial Capital, a necessity in preserving the family legacy for the next generation. I have great success in working with the “early successor” generation in Family Businesses.  I possess the unique ability to bridge Founding and Successor generations of New Jersey Family Businesses, helping them handle their most sensitive and challenging issues. 

I have a wide range of clients from manufacturing, distribution and professional services companies. To learn more read my series of
white papers and articleson the unique aspects of Family Business Management.
My Missions is to help Family Businesses with Family Business Transition Planning. Over 85% of family businesses do not transition to the 3rd generation, epidemized by the proverb "from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations"
Family Business Transition Planning is significantly more complex than what we can address here and we would be pleased to discuss specific family business challenges you are dealing with.