Specialty Food Consulting

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We Launch Your Business by Getting Your Idea Out of the Kitchen, on to the Retail Shelf and on to your Customers Plate

We are real Food Entrepreneurs and our experience moves you from a Vision to a successful Speciatly Food Company.
Great ideas start in the Kitchen and they need to be more than great ideas. Retailers expect that your product looks and tastes great and want to know how you can expand their sales in the category. Without compelling products, packaing, new product launch presentations and product marketing support, you will not get on the shelf. Without shelf space, your ultimate goal, getting on the consumers plate will never happen.
If you are an Early Stage Food Entrepreneur we can help you get your product ready to move out of the kitchen.
If you are a Later Stage FoodEntrepreneur we help you develop Shelf Strategy to convince the Supermarket Buyer to give you Shelf Space.
All Food Entrepreneurs will benefit from our proven ways to get your product on the Consumers Plate.
We have 3 ways to work with you within your budget through our FoodPreneur Product Launch Services. Explore How We Work Together to see how easy and uncomplicted we make it to... work with us!