Launching Your Business and Products Succesfully

Product and Business Launch is all that we do. Acheiving success in all forms of busineses (both for profit and non-profit) requires the same techniques in developing solid Strategy and the appropirate tools for Tactical excution of the strategy.
Business and Product Launch
Business and Product Launches require great Strategy and this strategy tells us what tools you will use to execute this strategy. Far too many professionals try to sell you their Tactical services and of course there are many valuable tools that are used to successfully execute a strategy for business and product launches. You would not build a house until you found an architect to take your vision and turn it into a reality. So how do we work together? Read more>>

Family Business Consulting
You know family businesses are different. The question is why? We all know family businesses are unique and have their own set of challenges. But why is this? Read More >>

Specialty Food Consulting
Product Launches are complex and costly. Julie's Schneider's book, The New Launch Plan from Schneider Associates had a sad statistic: about half of new products launched in any year fail after two years in the market. Do you want to be in the half that fails in the first year? Read more >>
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